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About us

King Alfred Trust (KAT) is a multi-academy trust set up in January 2014, offering a supportive and inclusive structure to its members. Our first Academy joined us on 1 April 2014 after becoming a converter Academy.

Prior to COVID, one of our schools has been in the top 4% of primary schools nationally for three years, and serves a catchment area centred on the village of Pewsey in Wiltshire. It was  congratulated by the Department for Education and presented with the 2016 local award for their successful work with their Pupil Premium children. The award acknowledged the school as one of the highest achieving in the country in terms of attainment and progress of their disadvantaged pupils since 2011.

In September 2019, we opened a new school in Amesbury – Wiltshire. King’s Gate Primary School is a Free School.

In September 2022, Puddleducks Nursery & Pre-School have joined King Alfred Trust. 


The Trust is actively looking for more schools to join King Alfred Trust and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, please contact us here. 


What sets us apart from other Trusts? 

Our Vision for King Alfred Trust is enabling our Schools to succeed and thrive for the benefit of their communities. 

  • Sustainable Growth 
  • Excellent Trust Services 
  • Outstanding Outcomes 

Our core belief is that we work together to create whole school communities, focused on raising the aspirations of all, in a supportive and safe environment. We challenge everybody – our pupils, staff, Trustees and Governors – to achieve their full potential: socially, emotionally and academically. We all have a collective responsibility for the success of every child.

The Trust is committed to sustainability, both: Financial and Environmental.  Ensuring the longevity and growth of the Trust.  

By joining our MAT you will become part of the King Alfred Trust. Each school will have representation on the Trust board,  offering you the opportunity to influence the Trust and be involved with shaping its development.  Schools will benefit from support and guidance across the Trust and staff will have the opportunities to grow and broaden their skills and performance.

The Executive Head is a National Leader of Education offering support and improvement strategies to our Trust Schools and schools outside of the Trust in Wiltshire through the DFE improvement strategy.  

Trust Documentation 

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 King Alfred Trust 20-21 Final Accounts.pdfDownload
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 KAT strategy_Sep22.xlsxDownload
 PPS Member SoD Issue 6 - Draft December 2022 v2.pdfDownload
 v7 MAT-Scheme of Delegation December 2022.pdfDownload
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Our Schools

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King's Gate Primary School

Puddleducks Nursery & Pre-School