King Alfred Trust

  1. How we work

How we work

What we offer

We are committed to every school having an input in the running of the Trust. Our Trust actively encourages Heads of Schools to retain their focus on the core business of learning and teaching, raising standards, and achieving improved outcomes for pupils.


Together we will

•   Work at achieving outstanding provision in all schools
•   Consolidate all schools’ business management functions to drive efficiencies and effectiveness
•   Share professional and curriculum development


With King Alfred Trust you will

•   Have more opportunities for greater career progression for staff within the Trust, enabling opportunities for promotion and retention
•   Support joint professional development
•   Retain the day to day control of your school
•   Have a voice and influence the future of the Trust
•   Benefit from exceptional leadership and organisation across the MAT
•   Gain a stronger purchasing power
•   Enjoy flexibility in your curriculum
•   Access the expertise of specialist teachers and services


We will

•   Value, respect and encourage all members of the Trust community
•   Provide safe, caring and happy schools
•   Provide a creative, dynamic curriculum allowing children to enjoy learning and achieve success
•   Develop talents and abilities of individuals – both staff and pupils – through working independently and cooperatively
•   Involve all educators and learners in the decision making of the school, enabling them to make a positive contribution now and in the future
•   Challenge and support educators and learners to provide them with skills for a successful future
•   Provide experiences in a nurturing environment, where mistakes and risks are seen as positive steps to learning
•   Promote effective working partnerships with parents, carers and the wider community


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